Extract Labs CBD Crumble has a heavy dose of full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp along with plant terpenes. As the name suggests, these terpenes are similar to those from the Cherry Wine cannabis strain. Given the synergistic mix of compounds, this crumble has dark cherry flavors and relaxing effects.

Extract Labs Crumble is the perfect CBD concentrate for those who love the Cherry Wine cannabis strain. In this product, the company uses plant-derived terpenes that mimic the terpenes you’d see in the Cherry Wine strain.

This crumble offers some pleasant aromas by combining notes of black cherry and chocolate with a subtle undertone of plumb. As a full spectrum CBD product, it offers a great mellow and soothing experience.

Furthermore, Extract Labs has this product tested by third-party labs for pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants.

Finally, this 1 gram crumble consists of over 800mg of CBD, and the remaining 200mg consists of other hemp cannabinoids like CBG and CBDV. The effects of smoking or dabbing this concentrate can leave you feeling euphoric and ready to tackle the day.

Extract labs 1g Broad Spectrum Crumble Cherry Wine

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