Humboldt Hemp wick - 5 Feet


Humboldt Hemp Wick is a 100% natural hemp wick that is used as a clean-burning, chemical-free flame source designed for avid smokers and connoisseurs around the world. Hemp wick is a more healthy alternative to using a regular lighter as it removes the risk of breathing in unwanted butane, metals and noxious gases.

          The 100% pesticide free hemp fibers go through a special process where they saturated and cured in 100% natural beeswax. This process enhances the overall taste and smoking experience making the hemp wick ideal for safely lighting up your bongs, cigarettes, cigars and pipes. The renewable resources used to make Humboldt Hemp Wick are as kind to the planet as they are to your lungs.

         Humboldt Hemp Wick is made in Humboldt County, California using only the finest natural materials. They even have their own beehives and every inch of Humboldt Hemp Wick is made as locally as possible. The water resistant, 100% natural hemp wicks are a must have for conscious smokers everywhere and they make a great affordable gift. Order your Humboldt Hemp Wick online today at the number one smoke shop





  • 100% Organic Hemp and California Beeswax
  • Lower Temperature Flame for Smoother and Better Taste Than a Butane Lighter
  • Handmade in Humboldt County, California
  • Alternative to Butane Lighters
  • May Restore Your Sense of Smell
  • A difference you can taste!
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